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Sign Up for Service

Welcome to Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative! We’re excited you’re about to become a member of the local member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative. 

Signing up for Service – Before You Begin
To begin your new account, please follow the steps below. Let us know how we can help ease this transition.

1. Fill out membership application 

The form-fillable PDF membership application is linked below. Fill out the back page and fax, e-mail, mail, or return to our office with a copy of a state issued ID or driver’s license. 

Fax: 785-486-3910
E-mail: wlinck@baelectric.com
Mailing Address:
Brown-Atchison Electric
PO Box 269
Horton, KS 66439 

2. Fill out bank draft form

You can find the bank draft form here.  If you would prefer to use a credit card that form can be found here. Please fill out and return the information needed that is listed on the form. 

3. Have credit reference faxed to our office:
If you would like to have your deposit fee waived, please provide our office with a credit reference for the last 12 months from your past utility company. The information can be faxed to our office from your previous utility company. If you were late with payment more than three times, we will not be able to waive the deposit.

Fax: 785-486-3910 

4. Pay membership and Deposit:
Membership Fee: $25
Deposit: $150 or $300, depending on location of service and/or if it is a total electric service. Contact office for the exact deposit amount. 

Office: 785-486-2117