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Kansas Country Living

The Kansas Country Living magazine is designed to educate Kansas electric cooperative consumer-members on topics that impact rural electrification.

As a member of Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative, you will receive an issue of Kansas Country Living each month. We want to ensure we’re delivering up-to-date, accurate and relevant information to you on a consistent basis. In the pages of Kansas Country Living, you’ll find information related to energy savings, safety, recipes and entertaining content. In the center of the magazine, you can read our local pages. Inside, members can read a variety of updates and announcements specific to our co-op, including a column written by our general manager. 

Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative


January 2023 Content

  • Moving Ahead 
  • Kansas Profile: Now That’s Rural: Kansas Lange, Two Little Goats 
  • Energy Explorers 


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February 2023 Content

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 
  • Sleep is Good Medicine 
  • Energy Explorers 

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March 2023 Content

  • Beat the Peak 
  • Apps to Help You Save Energy  
  • Energy Explorers 


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April 2023 Content

  • Electricity ‘End-Uses’ 
  • Tips on Protecting Gardens During Storm Season 
  • Energy Explorers 


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May 2023 Content

  • Spring Mix 
  • Controlling a Controlled Burn 
  • Protect Your Community: Prevent Grass and Brush Fires 
  • Energy Explorers 


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June 2023 Content

  • Mungo Jerry and Peak Demand
  • Energy-Saving Projects for the Weekend Warrior


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January 2022 Content

  • Happy New Year — A Letter from the General Manager 
  • Mark Your Calendar for Annual Meeting 
  • General Manager Jim Currie to Retire 
  • Nominating Committee Named 

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February 2022 Content

  • Greetings! — From the New Manager 
  • Annual Meeting Set for Feb. 24 

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March 2022 Content

  • Beneficial Electrification 


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April 2022 Content

  • Lyrics, Cheese and Love for Lineman 
  • Call Before You Dig 
  • Rejuvenate Your Old Electric Water Heater 


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May 2022 Content

  • Supply Chain — Keep It Together 
  • Share the Road Safely with Motorcyclists 
  • Energy Explorers 


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June 2022 Content

  • A Healthy Electricity Diet 
  • Protect the Skin You’re In 
  • Energy Explorers 


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July 2022 Content

  • Summertime Blues 
  • To Install (Insulation) or Not to Install 
  • Energy Explorers 


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August 2022 Content

  • Save a Life: Avoid Distractions While Driving 
  • Stay One Step Ahead of the Utility Scammers 
  • Energy Explorers 


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September 2022 Content

  • Cooperative Partnerships Make Us BIG! 
  • Keep Food Safe When the Power Goes Out 
  • Energy Explorers 


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October 2022 Content

  • Celebrating Membership 
  • The Electric Co-op History of Innovation 
  • Energy Explorers 


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November 2022 Content

  • Rate Design Changes 
  • Hunting Kansas Safely 
  • Try Electric Radiant Floor Heat for Room Additions 
  • Energy Explorers 


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December 2022 Content

  • The Silent Killer 
  • Stay Safe During Severe Winter Weather 
  • How the Gride Keeps Reliable Power Flowing 
  • Energy Explorers 


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