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In last month’s Kansas Country Living I reported the Brown-Atchison directors together with the Doniphan Electric directors were in the process of hiring a new general manager for both cooperatives. I’m happy to report that Michael Volker has been hired and brings with him 30 years of electric utility experience.

Volker currently works for an electric power cooperative in South Dakota and looks forward to moving to this area and closer to family in the Parkville/Kansas City area. He will begin work on a full-time basis at the Doniphan Electric office beginning Sept. 7 and just after the first of the year will begin working for both cooperatives once I retire. He is looking forward to working with the members of both cooperatives.

We all know that September can have hot days but more than likely those hotter days (usually in July and August) will not happen again until next year. Like always, the summer peaking months of high kilowatt-hour usage/demand on the Brown-Atchison system will dictate our demand costs each month until we reach June 2022 and a new peak is reached. More importantly to the members, the high usage/high demand of the summer months means higher electric bills for us all. We all had decisions to make concerning comfort and the amount of dollars we wanted to spend to keep that comfort.

I hope your summer has gone well and as always, I look forward to the fall season!


Jim Currie, General Manager