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              October is National Co-op Month

October is National Cooperative Month and it’s always a good time to be a member of an electric cooperative. Not only are we locally owned and controlled by you, our members, we are guided by an elected Board of Trustees who are members and your neighbors.

Our bottom line is providing you with safe, reliable and affordable electricity. We also must manage expenses, overhead and other aspects of daily business, and when we have a little left over, we send it right back to you. And returning capital credits to you is a major part of why being a co-op member matters. We’re here to serve the members, if you have questions or concerns, give us a call, we are local and accessible.

As your local electric co-op, we are privileged to be a part of this community. When we think about membership, we think about all the ways we can give back to you, our members- and that’s what matters most to us. We are here to serve the members, plain and simple.

Fall is in the air and that means cooler weather and the air conditioners get a break. Usually it’s the time of year that your electric bills get a break as well, unless you have grain-dryers!

I like being a member of Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative and I hope you are too.

                    Jim Currie, General Manager