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It seems everyday we hear or read how broke we are in Kansas. The Legislature continues to look for ways to gain more tax revenue and several ideas have been tossed around.  By the time this Country Living article hits your mailbox it will be old news or it will be something we will no-doubt face again.

The Legislature wants (possibly already did) to apply the state sales tax to residential utility bills, (electric, natural gas, and water) which is currently at zero percent. In addition, there are concepts that would implement a monthly fee on each of the customer’s utility meters at $2.25 per residential meter. Additionally, commercial accounts could possibly see $10.00 added to their accounts each month. Utility bills, especially electric bills, have been increasing with the burden of federal regulations, transmission costs and other issues.

If the Legislature determines it is prudent to apply a sales tax and or a fee to utility bills, we believe it should apply to all forms of energy and all meters.  For example, propane is a competitor to both electricity and natural gas. If the legislation does not tax propane, it gives that industry a significant price advantage.

 We’re willing to work with the Legislature to focus on a broader-based solution, rather than putting an extra burden on consumers of three basic services. If passage goes (went) through, the phones will be ringing. Members will be paying more each month and it will appear to be our fault. Brown-Atchison members haven’t had a rate increase since 2011; I hope the Legislature doesn’t make it appear like we just had one.


                                     Jim Currie, General Manager