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Note from the General Manager

Periodically I get asked “what can I do to lower my electric bill” or “have you had a rate increase recently, my bill is higher”

Well first of all, we have not had a rate increase since 2011 and sorry to say, about the only way to lower your bill is to start turning things off.

I recently read an article that said the average home has 25 electrical devices and I even had to stop and count. When you think of the obvious things first, like 1-2 refrigerators, 1-2 freezers, a washer and dryer, maybe an electric hot water heater, air conditioning and heat, and the list goes on. You probably know where I’m going with this, yes everything adds up, even those 1-2 television sets, satellite boxes, clocks, radios, and those little chargers for your cell phones and computers.

These times of convenience and enjoyment come with a price but I would hate to start eliminating them.  Some appliances are made more efficiently today than those from several years ago, but again they all add up. When you really think of everything that electricity is used for in the home, electricity is still a good value.

The weather has turned off nice as I am writing this article and it has also allowed the crews to get back on some projects that had been put on hold because of weather. By the time this article comes out in the Country Living, I’m sure our members will have some of their garden planted, I know I will.

Enjoy the spring!

Jim Currie